We have selected Piano Education Page as the world's very best website on Piano.

The Piano Education Page is a 900 page website about pianos, piano playing, and piano music, sponsored by the West Mesa Music Teachers Association of New Mexico, USA.

The Piano Education Page website is divided into the following main sections: Help, Premiering (what's new), Learning, Just for Kids, Interview, Audition Room, Teaching Studio, Review, Links, and Message Board. The Learning section covers: Before You Start, Finding Teachers, Choosing a Teacher, Lesson Cost, Interview Checklist, Studio Etiquette, Expectations, Learning to Play on Your Own, Purchasing a Piano, Resources for Impaired, Music and the Home Computer, and Musical Graphics. 

The Interview section comprises more than 40 transcribed interviews featuring the personal experiences and insights of noted artists and educators on piano performance and education.

Click here for the Piano Education Page: http://pianoeducation.org