We have selected AllPsych as the world's very best website on Psychology.

The AllPsych website, described as The Virtual Psychology Classroom, is published by Heffner Media Group, based in Florida, USA. It is edited by Dr Chris Heffner; it grew out of a small website he started as a graduate student in psychology in 1992. It now contains over 900 cross referenced web pages, and an estimated 3,000 pages of printed matter.

The AllPsych website is organized as nine main sections: Online Psychology Texts, Psychiatric Disorders, Online Tests & Quizzes, Psychology Reference Section, AllPsych Journal, Careers & Education in Psychology, Psychology Resources, Research Projects, and Fun & Games. 

The Online Psychology Texts section includes a 10-chaper Psychology 101 article, a 12-chapter text on Personality Synopsis, a 5-part Statistics Primer, and a 10-chapter text on Research Methods. The Psychology Reference Section includes a 500 word psychology dictionary, biographical notes on famous psychologists, a timeline of psychology, Street Drug Fact Sheet, and recommended books on psychology.

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