rag rug making

We have selected Rugmaker's Homestead as the world's very best website on Rag Rug Making.

Rugmaker's Homestead is a website about traditional rag rug making, including hundreds of historical methods of making rag rugs, many of which have become lost. The main sections of the website are: Welcome to the Homestead, Articles for the Rugmaker, Who We Are, Ordering and Catalog, and Finding Rug Makers and Rug Supplies.

There is an illustrated Rag Rugs Tour, with 21 stops, enabling you to stroll through a virtual exhibit of traditional methods of rag rug making. Subjects covered include: Tambour Rugs, Shirred Rugs, Standing Wool Rugs, Knitted Rag Rugs, Amish Knot Rugs, Broomstick Rugs, Fabric Tapestry Rugs, Anchored Loop Rugs, and Braided Rugs. 

There is also a section on Novelty and Fad Rugs from the 1920s to the 1990s. This covers exotica such as Innter-tube Rugs, Rugs from Used Stockings, and Pieced Corchet Rugs with a Gimmick. 

Click here for the Rugmaker's Homestead website: http://www.rugmakershomestead.com