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We have selected the Raymond Chandler Website as the world's very best website on Raymond Chandler.

The Raymond Chandler Website is produced by Robert F Moss, author of 'Raymond Chandler: A Literary Reference', published by Carroll & Graf in 2003. Born in Chicago in 1888, but raised in Victorian England, Raymond Chandler was publishing poetry in London literary magazines when he set out at twenty-four to seek his fortune in California.

Twenty years later he was a director of a large oil company, but lost his job through drink. Forced to return to writing as a way of making a living, in 1939 he published The Big Sleep, introducing the slick, wisecracking private detective Philip Marlowe in a decadent, glamorous Los Angeles.

The Raymond Chandler Website is organized into the following main sections: What's New, Features, Raymond Chandler's Life, Raymond Chandler's Works, Criticism & Scholarship, and Raymond Chandler Links.

The Features section includes an article on Chandlerisms: the similes, one-liners, and turns of phrase that are pure Raymond Chandler. There is an article on Raymond Chandler's Los Angeles, explaining how he incorporated real life place, people, and events, into his novels. There is an article on his novel 'The Big Sleep', and an article on 'Cracking the Cassidy Case', explaining how Raymond Chandler incorporated a real-life murder into his novel 'The High Window'. The section on Raymond Chandler's Works covers Early Poetry, Novels, and Films. The Films section is illustrated with high resolution move stills.

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