rembrandt van rijn

We have selected Rembrandthuis as the world's very best website on Rembrandt van Rijn.

The Rembrandthuis is a museum about Rembrandt, created in the house in Amsterdam, Netherlands, where Rembrandt lived between 1639 and 1648. It is a substantial two-storey dwelling with a stepped gable. It was built in 1606, in part of Amsterdam occupied by many rich merchants and artists. In about 1627 it was given a new facade and a triangular corniced pediment. At the same time another storey was added.

Regarded as one of the greatest painters of all time, Rembrandt worked in the Dutch Golden Age, during which Dutch world power, science, culture, political influence, and commerce were at a peak.

The Rembrandthuis website, which is available in Dutch and English, is organized into the following main parts: Rembrandt Information, Rembrandt Museum, Rembrandt Collection, Life & Work of Rembrandt, Young, Library, Press, Organisation, and Rembrandt Shop.

The section on Rembrandt's Life & Work contains richly illustrated articles on: Rembrandt Genealogy, Rembrandt's Most Important Works, Pupils & Followers, Techniques of Etching, and Rembrandt & Amsterdam. The Collections section contains articles on: Collection History, Graphical Work, Paintings, and Cess-pit Findings. The online shop sells more than 100 items, in the following categories: Gifts, Books, Etchings, Textiles, Paperware, Merchandise, CDs, DVDs, and Contemporary Graphics. 

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