We have selected The Renaissance Connection as the world's very best website on the Renaissance.

The Renaissance Connection website is produced by the Education Department of the Allentown Art Museum, Pennsylvania, USA. Developed in 2000, the website aims to be enhance the school curriculum, using the Museum's famous Samuel H. Kress Collection of Renaissance art as the foundation for teaching mathematics, arts, science, language, and social studies. 

The Renaissance Connection website, which includes animation and music, is organized into the following main sections: Art Explorer, Innovations 1400-2000, Be a Patron of the Arts, The Artists Life, and Lesson Plans. There are also links to related websites in the following categories: The Quest for Knowledge, The Arts & Architecture, Patrons & Lifestyle, Everyday Life, Science & Technology, and Trade & Exploration. 

The Art Explorer section enables the user to explore the Renaissance by Timeline, Map, or Alphabetical List. The Innovations 1400-2000 section uses a Time Telescope to help the user explore 600 years of innovations. This ingenious presentation enables the user to select a modern invention (such as the International Monetary Fund) and travel back to selected dates in the past to understand the influence of the Renaissance.

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