roman colosseum

We have selected The Colosseum as the world's very best website on the Roman Colosseum.

The Colosseum website is published by Andrea Pepe, his son Daniele, and his wife Catherine McElwee, who are citizens of Rome. It is a comprehensive resource about the Roman Colosseum. The website is divided into the following main sections: History of the Roman Colosseum, The Games, Architecture, Visiting the Roman Colosseum, Image Gallery, and Cats.

The History section covers: Chronology, Antiquity, Middle Ages, 1300-1700, Modern Times, Emperors, Roman Money, and Christians & the Colosseum. Thye Games section contains several illustrated articles on different aspects of the games held in the Roman Colosseum, including the use of animals, gladiators, and the cost of the games. The Architecture section contains detailed and illustrated articles on the Image of the Roman Colosseum, Models of the Roman Colosseum, and the Construction of the Roman Colosseum. 

Other sections of the website include Links and News. There is also an article about the Cats of the Roman Colosseum. About 200 cats live in the Roman Colosseum, well looked after by volunteers known as 'gattare' who feed them and give medical care. In Rome as a whole there are about 300,000 cats, of which 180,000 live in houses, and 120,000 in the streets where they are cared for by gattare.

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