roman empire

We have selected the Illustrated History of the Roman Empire as the world's very best website on the Roman Empire.

The Illustrated History of the Roman Empire website is produced as a labour of love by Franco Cavazzi. It is organized into the following main chapters: The Founding, The Kings, Early Republic, Late Republic, Early Emperors, The High Point, The Decline, The Collapse, Constantinople, Religion, Society, and The Army. 

There are three interactive maps, for Roman Italy, the Roman Empire, and the City of Rome. These enable the user to click and highlight areas on the map corresponding to chosen Regions & Tribes, Towns, Cities, Rivers, Lakes and Mountains.

Other features include: pictures from Rome and pictures from the Roman Empire, a survey on who were the best and worst Roman Emperors, Visitors' Articles on the Roman Empire, Roman themed e-postcards, photographs of re-enactors as soldiers, gladiators and cavalrymen, and a cut-out Roman Legionary Helmet.

Click here for the Illustrated History of the Roman Empire website: http:/