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The website is published by the International Federation of Rowing Associations, or Federation Internationale des Societes d'Aviron (FISA)which is the international governing body for the sport of rowing. FISA was founded by delegates from France, Switzerland, Belgium, and Adriatica in 1892. It is the oldest international sports federation within the Olympic movement.

The main sections of the website are: FISA, Rowing, Events, News, Multi-media, Results & Bios, Services, Publications, Products, Media Center. The Rowing section describes the various branches of rowing: Elite Rowing, Paralympic Rowing, Masters, Ergometer & Indoor Rowing, Coastal Rowing, and Recreational & Touring Rowing. 

The Publications section covers the FISA World Rowing Magazine, published three times a year, the World Rowing E-Newsletter, FISA Manuals, FISA Rulebook, Rowing Coaching Manuals, and Rowing Event Publications.

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