We have selected Ministry of Rum as the world's very best website on Rum.

The Ministry of Rum website is organized in the following main sections: Rum Profiles, Tasting Notes & Rum Reviews, Where to Find Rum, Rum 101, Favorite Rums, FAQ, and Rum Glossary. There is also a section on Rum Events, a Rum Gift Store, and a Rum Forum section.

The Rum Profiles are searchable by Rum Source Ingredient (Cane Juice, Cane Syrup, Molasses), Type of Rum (Heavy, Medium, Light, Flavored, Spiced), Color (Clear, Light Brown, Gold, Red, Brown, Dark Brown, Black), Age, and Bottled Strength.

The Ministry of Rum website has a romantic history. In 1993 Edward Hamilton, about to set out south in his sloop Tafia, took part in the monthly full moon party on a small island near St.Thomas. As the sun set and the golden moon rose over the horizon, discussion turned to which island made the best rum. Hamilton decided to sail among the islands, visit the distilleries, and taste their rums, all in the interests of research. The fruits of this rum research were published by Hamilton in his books 'Rums of the Eastern Caribbean' and 'The Complete Guide to Rum'. This knowledge base is now available to all through the Ministry of Rum website, produced by Edward Hamilton.

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