russian literature

We have selected as the world's very best website on Russian Literature. is a non-profit English language educational website committed to the preservation and study of Soviet literature. The Editor in Chief is Eric Konkol, BA, Harvard University, Slavic Languages and Literatures.

The website, which contains more than 250 pages, is organized into the following main sections: Texts, Features, Mini-Summaries, Biographies, Links, Funnies, Site Search, and Comrade of the Month. The Mini-Summaries section comprises very short English language descriptions, typically of twenty to forty words, of more than 1,000 monumental works of Soviet literature. Detailed summaries are provided of selected works. The Biographies section contains biographical articles on more than 100 Soviet writers including Aitmatov, Aleshin, Azhaev, Babel, Bek, Beliayev, Bely, and Bezymensky. 

The Funnies section contains cartoons from the Soviet press. The Comrade of the Month section reviews and links to a quirky selection of websites relevant to Russia and Russian literature. These include websites on: Soviet Songs, the Moscow Metro, Tuvan Rock & Roll Throat Singing, The Cyber USSR, Stalin's Russia, Soviet Space Dogs, The Real Young Guard, Soviet Electric Toy Trains, 1937 Soviet Television Sets, Military Literature, Comrade Kosmonaut, Songs from the Soviet Past, and the Museum of Soviet Calculators. 

The website is at this web address: