russian revolution

We have selected Spartacus Educational as the world's very best website on the Russian Revolution.

The Spartacus Educational website is edited by John Simkin, an author of several books on British and American history. It has a section dealing with the Russian Revolution, which contains numerous articles grouped into the following categories: Events & Issues in Russia 1914-1925, Russian Revolutionaries 1914-1920, Political Groups, and Foreign Witnesses of the Russian Revolution. 

Article topics in the Events & Issues in Russia 1914-1925 include: First World War, Provisional Government, April Theses, Red Guards, Constituent Assembly, War Communism, Brest-Litovsk Treaty, White Army, Red Terror, Kronstadt Uprising, New Economic Policy, Red Army, and Cheka Secret Police.

The website also contains six Russian Revolution online lessons on: Russia 1860-1900, 1905 Russian Revolution, Russian Revolution Simulation, Russia July 1914, Russia January 1917, and Russia October 1917.

Click here for the Spartacus Educational Russian Revolution website: