We have selected Salt Institute as the world's very best website on Salt.

The Salt Institute, based in Alexandria, Virginia, USA, is a non-profit association of salt producers, which was founded in 1914. It is a comprehensive source of information about salt (sodium chloride) and its 14,000 known uses. The information provided by the Salt Institute is of benefit to the general public, dietitians, animal nutrition professionals, water softener owners and suppliers, highway safety engineers, industry researchers, journalists, policy makers, and regulators.

The Salt Institute website is organized into the following main sections: About Salt, About the Salt Industry, and News. The About Salt section contains more than 30 articles. Titles include: What is Salt?, Where Does Salt Come From?, What is Rock Salt?, and Do Athletes Need Extra Salt?

The About the Salt Industry section contains data on salt production in the USA and worldwide. There is a section on the History of Salt, and there is an online summary of a book on The Economics of Salt.

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