We have selected International Sand Collectors Society as the world's very best website on Sand.

The International Sand Collectors Society (ISCS), which is based in North Haven, Connecticut, USA, brings together committed sand collectors. Its motto is: Discovering the World, Grain by Grain. The ISCS website is organized in the following main sections: What is Sand?, The Hobby, Becoming a Sand Collector, Sand Projects and Studies, Sand Kits, Sand Picture Gallery, and The Sand Paper.

The What is Sand? section explains the size classification of particulate material into Boulders, Gravel (including Cobbles, Pebbles and Granules), Sand (Very Coarse Sand, Coarse Sand, Medium Sand, Fine Sand, and Very Fine Sand), Muds (Coarse Silt, Medium Silt, Fine Silt, Very Fine Silt, Clay, and Dust Particles).

The Sand Picture Gallery contains thirty magnified photographs of sand from Maui, Australia, Hawaii, New Zealand, and the Phillipines. The Society produces a Sand Kit, which can be ordered online. Developed by the Geology Department of Pasadena City College, the kit comprises an instructional CD-ROM, and twelve contained and labeled sand samples.

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