We have selected the International Saxophone Home Page as the world's very best website on the Saxophone.

The International Saxophone Home Page website is was founded in 1994 and is produced by Jason DuMars, of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA. Jason DuMars is a saxophonist, and expert is applying decorative engraving to saxophones, flutes, and other brass and silver instruments.

The International Saxophone Home Page website is organized into the following main sections: SaxQuest, Saxophone Articles, Details, Saxophone Buyers Guide, Interviews, Reviews, and Saxophone Links. SaxQuest is a website for buying, selling, and exchanging saxophones.

Titles in the Articles section include: The Tale of the Electric Saxophone, A History of SML Saxophones, A Brief History of Selmer Saxophones, and Altissimo for Alto Saxophone. The Details section covers frequently asked questions. The Reviews section covers reviews of saxophones, and of Artists CDs.

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