We have selected Artcyclopedia as the world's very best website on Sculpture.

The Artcyclopedia website is produced by John Malyon, an IT professional, web developer, and entrepreneur, who is based in Calgary, Canada. The Artcyclopedia website is a search engine based on a database of artists and artworks appearing in the world's leading museums.

The main focus is on painting and sculpture; there is also coverage of photography, decorative arts, installation art, video, digital and web-based art, naive art, folk art, outsider art, and architecture. The website currently contains information on over 2,000 art sites, with over 75,000 links to 180,000 artworks by over 8,000 renowned artists.

There is a listing of the top 30 artists, in terms of artist searches of the database. Currently the top five are: Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Claude Monet, and Andy Warhol.
The section on sculptors is a chronological listing of hundreds of sculptors, starting with Myron in the 5th Century BC, and ending with contemporary sculptors. There are links to each museum in which the sculptor's work appears.

The Artcyclopedia website is at this web address: