second world war

We have selected World War II Database as the world's very best website on the Second World War. 

The World War II Database website is edited by C.Peter Chen, who works as a senior software engineer at York Telecom of Eatontown, New Jersey, USA. The website, launched in 2004, grew out of a personal electronic scrapbook in which Chen kept copies of notes and photographs about the Second World War. Chen found that, using a relational database, he could readily connect people, events, photographs and other elements of history, and the database grew rapidly. It now comprises over 2,000 pages. 

The World War II Database website is organized into the following main sections: People, Events, Ships, Aircraft, Books, Photos, and Glossary. There are also sections for news, for a random photograph, and for a selected Second World War quotation.

The website contains numerous detailed articles within each category. For example, the Events section is divided into seven sub-categories, one of which is The European War. This sub-section alone contains more than fifty articles, whose titles include: Re-militarization of Rhineland, Annexation of Austria, Annexation of Sudetenland, Invasion of Albania, and Battle of Dakar.

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