We have selected Lonely Planet as the world's very best website on Shanghai.

The Lonely Planet website is produced by the publishers of the well known Lonely Planet guide books. It contains more than 140,000 pages of information on travelling to thousands of destinations around the world. The website is organized into the following main sections: Destinations, Book Shop, Bookings & Services, Accommodation, Travel Classifieds, Digital Guides, Bluelist, Thorn Tree Forum, and Travel Stories. 

The Lonely Planet website on Shanghai is organized into the following sections: Introduction, Background Information on Shanghai, See, Eat, Sleep, Night, Shop in Shanghai, Shanghai Image Gallery, Shanghai Activities, Shanghai Events, Transport in Shanghai, Money, and General. There is also a Fast Facts section, giving key facts about Shanghai. These include Population (17 million), and Time Zone (GMT+8). 

The Background Information section covers: Weather Overview, Average Shanghai Temperatures, Shanghai Humidity, and Shanghai Rainfall. The Shanghai Image Gallery contains ten high-resolution images.

Click here for the Lonely Planet Shanghai website: