We have selected Shark Trust as the world's very best website on Sharks.

The Shark Trust is a charity, based in Plymouth, Devon, England, which promotes the study, management and conservation of sharks, skates, rays, and chimeras (Elasmobranchs). It engages in research and education programmes, seeks to influence legislation, and aims to raise public awareness of the plight of these animals worldwide.
The Shark Trust website contains a descriptive database of sharks, and a section of Shark Information which covers: Species Facts, What Makes a Shark, Old & New, Shark Senses, Shark Reproduction, Shark Identification, Slate & Ray, and International Shark Research. There is also a Conservation section with articles on: Basking Shark Project, Whale Shark Project, The Great Eggcase Hunt, and Skates and Rays. The Great Eggcase Hunt is a project in which volunteers seek out and record finds of shark and ray eggcases washed up on the shore, the data being used to indicate changes in changes in shark and ray populations. 

There is also a Shark News section, an Events section, and an Adopt a Shark scheme.

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