solar electric power

We have selected Smart Electric Power Alliance as the world's very best website on Solar Electric Power.

The Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA), based in Washington DC, USA, is a trade association of more than 100 companies. These include companies manufacturing solar energy equipment, and electric utilities. The main objective of SEPA is to promote the sharing or knowledge and experience on solar electric power.

The SEPA website is divided into the following main sections: Solar Power Basics, Utility Solar Programs, Solar Power Resource Library, Commercial Installation Directory, Solar Power Events Calendar, Solar Links, and Member Directory. The Solar Power Basics section covers: What are Photovoltaics?, a Consumer's Guide to Buying a Solar Electric System, and an article on State and Local Incentives for solar electric power. There are also sections on: Photovoltaics Q&A, Photovoltaics Fact Sheets, and Other Solar Technologies. The other solar technologies covered include Concentrating Solar Power, and Solar Water Heating.  

The Solar Power Resource Library contains numerous downloadable full text articles on technical, economic, and regulatory aspects of solar electric power.

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