springboard & highboard diving

We have selected Great Britain Diving Federation as the world's very best website on Springboard & Highboard Diving.

The Great Britain Diving Federation (GBDF) is a voluntary, independent organisation, committed to the promotion of the sport of Springboard and Highboard Diving. The GBDF believes that diving should be organised by divers; the GBDF is democratically run, with the executive board being elected by the members annually.

The main sections of the GBDF website are: Diving News, Diving, Diving Facilities, GBDF, Calendar, Results, Photos, Links, and Messageboard. The Diving section covers: About Diving, Tariff Sheets, History of Diving, Competitive Diving, Olympic Medallists, and Benefits for Sport. About Diving covers: Springboards, Platforms, Dive Groups (Forward, Backward, Reverse, Inward, Twisting and Armstand), Rotation, and Positions. The Diving Facilities section covers: UK Diving Clubs, UK Diving Facilities, Maintenance & Management, and Guidance Notes for Pools.

Click here for the Great Britain Diving Federation website: http://www.diving-gbdf.com