stamp collecting

We have selected Sandafayre Stamp Library as the world's very best website on Stamp Collecting.

The Sandafayre Stamp Library website is produced by Sandafayre, the world's largest mail order auction company for stamps. Sandafayre is based in Knutsford, Cheshire, just south of Manchester, England. Its team of ten full time professional stamp describers has over 300 years of philatelic experience, and works from purpose built, high security premises with secure vaults holding millions of stamps.

The Sandafayre Stamp Library illustrates many of the world's scarce and famous stamps from more than a hundred countries. Each stamp is shown in a coloured thumbnail photograph.

The Sandafayre website also has sections on the Stamp Atlas, Auctions, and News & Articles. Article titles include: Stamps as an Investment; World Cup Fever; Philately with a Human Face; Off to the Circus; Revenue Stamps; Raise the Titanic; and Errors and Varieties.

Click here for the Sandafayre Stamp Library website: