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 St.Paul's Cathedral survives the Blitz in 1940.  

St.Paul's Cathedral survives the Blitz in 1940.  

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The website is published by the Dean and Chapter of St.Paul's Cathedral, London. St.Paul's Cathedral, designed by Sir Christopher Wren and built between 1675 and 1710, is one of the finest examples of English architecture. It was built to replace the previous cathedral, which was destroyed in the Fire of London. There has been a Cathedral dedicated to St.Paul on the site since 604 AD.

The website is organized into the following main sections: Worship & Events, News & Press, Visit St.Paul's, About St.Paul's, Support St.Paul's, Commercial Facilities, and St.Paul's Shop. The About St.Paul's section covers: History Timeline, The Cathedral Floor, The Dome, The Crypt of St.Paul's, St.Paul's Library, Music & Choir, The Bells, St.Paul's Cathedral School, St.Paul's Personnel, St.Paul's Institute, St.Paul's Foundation, Job Vacancies, and Intranet.

The Cathedral Floor section contains a plan of the main level of St.Paul's Cathedral, with illustrated articles on the Cathedral Nave, North Aisle, South Aisle, Dome, North Transept, South Transept, Quire, North Quire Aisle, South Quire Aisle, and the Cathedral Apse.

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