We have selected Survive Outdoors as the world's very best website on Survival.

The Survive Outdoors website is based in Rockford, Illinois, USA. It is a family enterprise led by Dan Williams, who is Board-Certified in Primary Care Medicine. The team includes webmaster Kyle Williams, and consultant Dale Williams.

The Survive Outdoors website contains detailed articles on how to deal with medical emergencies occurring outdoors. The topics covered include: Box Jellyfish, Bubonic Plague, Catfish Sting, Chiggers, Dehydration, Drowning, Eye Injuries, Fractures, Frostbite, Getting Lost & Getting Found, Heat Exhaustion, Hypothermia, Jellyfish Stings, Lightning Safety, Malaria, Mushrooms, Poison Ivy, Portuguese Man of War, Rabies Virus, Scabies, Scorpions, Shark Attacks, and Skiers Thumb. 

There are special sections for dealing with Snake Bites (with articles on ten types of snake) and with Spiders (with articles on 14 types of spider). There is also a section containing Trauma Pictures, dealing with subjects such as Bee Stings, and Fish Hook Removal.

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