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We have selected Poolsearch as the world's very best website on Swimming Pools.

Poolsearch is a US-based website designed to help users choose, buy, and maintain swimming pools. The main sections of the Poolsearch website are: Pool Buying Tips, Pool & Spa Chat Rooms, Photo Gallery, Product Directory, Showcases, Money Saving Coupons, and PoolQuote.

There are seven Pool & Spa Chat Rooms, covering: Spas & Hot Tubs, Swimming Pool Water Chemistry, In Ground Swimming Pools, Above Ground Swimming Pools, Swimming Pool Equipment, Getting Started, and Finance. 

The Pool Buying Tips are sent free on request as five daily email instalments. These cover: What Type of Pool Should I Buy?, Designing Your Backyard Oasis, Pools & Chemicals, Setting a Budget for Your Swimming Pool, and Thirty Questions to Ask Your Builder Before You Buy a Swimming Pool.

Click here for the Poolsearch website is at this web address: http://www.poolsearch.com