tall buildings & skyscrapers

We have selected Skyscraper Page as the world's very best website on Tall Buildings & Skyscrapers.

The Skyscraper Page website is published from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. It is a comprehensive resource on tall buildings and skyscrapers, with detailed information on thousands of skyscrapers worldwide.

The most remarkable feature of the Skyscraper Page is its database of information on and scale drawings of skyscrapers. The drawings of skyscrapers can be displayed in horizontal poster-like arrangements, in descending height. The database can also be searched by many parameters. Structure Type covers: Highrise, Tower, Lowrise, Church, and Stadium. Status covers: Built, Under Construction, Proposed, On-Hold, Destroyed, Cancelled, Vision, Fantasy, and Stale Proposal. The results can be ordered by Pinnacle Height, Official Height, Roof Height, Year Built, Floor Count, City, State, or Building Name.

News articles on tall buildings and skyscrapers are arranged in four sections: Projects and Constructions in Cities, Projects and Constructions Highrise, City Photos, and Buildings & Architecture. Discussion forums are grouped into: Projects & Construction, and Regional. Users may create and add drawings to the database.

Click here for the Skyscraper Page website: http://skyscraperpage.com