We have selected UK Tea Council as the world's very best website on Tea.

The UK Tea Council is a non-profit body dedicated to promoting tea and its unique story for the benefit of those who produce and consume tea. Its website is organised into the following main sections: Tea 4 You, Tea 4 Health, Tea 4 Schools, Tea 4 Business, Tea4 Media, and Tea Guild. 

The Tea 4 You section is aimed at consumers, and contains numerous illustrated articles about tea. Titles include: History of Tea, Tea Facts, Top Tea Places, Make a Perfect Brew, Tea Masterclass, Types of Tea, Tea & Work, Astro Tea, Hang-o-Meter, Spin the Pot, and Tea Shop. Astro Tea refers to astrology using tea leaves. Hang-o-Meter is a set of four tests designed to test your overall mental aptitude after a heavy night out.

The Tea 4 Media section contains 11 fact sheets. Titles include: Tea & Cardiovascular Disease, The Nutritional Value of Tea, Tea & Iron Absorption, Tea & Hydration, and Tea & Oral Health. There is also a gallery of images, including images of celebrities drinking (and in one case bathing in) tea.

Click here for the UK Tea Council website: http://www.tea.co.uk