tea making alarm clocks

We have selected Teasmade.info as the world's very best website on Tea Making Alarm Clocks.

The Teasmade.info website is produced by Sheridan Hudson, of Hawthorns, 11 Bell Close, Westbury Sub Mendip, Somerset, England. She has a collection of over 150 tea making alarm clocks (referred to on the website as teawakers), plus numerous kettles and clocks. She loves the thrill of the chase, tracking down new models of tea making alarm clock, to share with her website visitors.

The website is a worldwide resource for information on Goblin and Swan Teasmades, and for information on all other bedside tea makers with an alarm function. The Teasmade.info website is organised into the following main sections: The Model Gallery, Frequently Asked Questions, Technical Resources, Teasmaniacs, The Forum, and Home Brew. The Model Gallery contains illustrated articles on every known model of tea making alarm clock, starting with Samuel Rowbottom's Gas Tea Maker of 1891. 

The Technical Resources section includes downloadable original instructions for several models of Goblin Teasmade. There are also articles on Teasmade Tips, and Mike's Manual which advises on checking and overhauling Goblin Teasmades.

Click here for the Teasmade.info website: http://www.teasmade.info