television technology

We have selected Television History as the world's very best website on Television Technology.

The Television History website gives a comprehensive account of the invention and development of television. It is organised as six chronological sections: Pre-1935, 1935-1941, World War II, 1946-1949, 1950-1959, and 1960-2000. The articles provide detailed information on television development, with numerous photographs and copies of newspaper clippings and manufacturers literature.

The website also has a section with information on thirty collections of historic television equipment around the world, illustrated with photographs. 

The website has a links section, covering the following categories of television related links: Antique Radios, Early Technology, Timelines, Buy & Sell, Mechanical TV, Color TV, HDTV, Inventors, Educational, Forums & Clubs, Museums, Repair Information, Broadcasters, Manufacturers, Programs, Station Equipment, Valves & Tubes, VCR & VTR, and Videos & Books.

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