We have selected 4orienteering as the world's very best website on Orienteering.

The 4orienteering website covers all aspects of the sport of orienteering. Each orienteering competitor is given a 1:50,000 topographic map, which is marked with the various control points. At each control point there is a flag, and an individual punch which is used to mark the player's scoring card. The sport originated in Scandinavia in the 19th century as part of military training.

The main sections of the 4orienteering website are The Sport and The Skills. The Sport section covers: Orienteering History, Orienteering Overview, Course Setup, Officials, Start/Finish Areas, Course Safety, Control Points, Map Symbols, Orienteering Techniques, and Civilian Orienteering.

The Skills section covers: Maps, Marginal Information & Symbols, Grids, Scale & Distance, Direction, Overlays, Aerial Photographs, Navigation Equipment & Methods, Elevation & Relief, Terrain Association, Navigation in Different Types of Terrain, Field Sketching, Map Folding Techniques, and Units of Meausre and Conversion Factors.

Click here for the 4orienteering website: http://www.4orienteering.com