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We have selected Thomas Edison Papers as the world's very best website on Thomas Edison.

The Thomas Edison Papers project is one of the most ambitious editing projects undertaken by an American university. The project, to edit and catalogue more than 5 million pages of documents relating to the life of Thomas A. Edison, began in 1978. The project is carried out at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, and is co-sponsored by the National Park Service, the New Jersey Historical Commission, and the Smithsonian Institution.

The Digital program has produced to date 180,000 document images, and a searchable database of 121,000 documents and 19,250 names. Five hardbound books have been produced to date, out of a planned series of fifteen. Each reproduces selected and annotated letters, drawings, photographs, notebook entries, and legal and financial records. In microfilm, four out of six parts have been produced, covering 230,000 document images on 227 microfilm reels. Eventually the full six parts will contain about 10% of the 5 million pages of Edison documents at the Edison National Historic Site.

The Thomas Edison Papers website contains a guide to the Papers, and also a substantial biographical section. This includes an extensive illustrated Thomas Edison biography, a Thomas Edison bibliography, chronologies, and articles on Thomas Edison's companies, inventions, and patents.

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