tidal power

We have selected Research Institute for Sustainable Energy as the world's very best website on Tidal Power.

The Research Institute for Sustainable Energy (RISE) is part of Murdoch University, Perth, Western Australia. The RISE website has a substantial section on Tidal Energy Systems, originally developed by Katrina O'Mara. It has been subsequently updated by Katrina Lyon and Mark McHenry.

The main sections of the website are: Tidal Physics, Gravitation Effects and the Centrifugal Force, Generating Electricity from the Tide, Turbines Used in Barrier Tidal Power Stations, Trends in Tidal Power Generation Technologies, Tidal Fences, Tidal Turbines, Tidal Lagoons, Benefits and Constraints, and Tidal Power Around the World.

The website contains a table of prospective sites for tidal power projects in: Argentina, Australia, Canada, India, Republic of Korea, Mexico, UK, USA, and the Russian Federation. For each of these, the table gives mean tidal range, basin area, installed capacity, approximate annual output, and annual plant load factor. There is also a set of links and references on tidal power.

Click here for the Research Institute for Sustainable Energy website: http://www.aie.org.au/AIE/Documents/FS10_TIDAL_ENERGY.pdf