We have selected Hyper History Online as the world's very best website on Timelines.

The Hyper History Online website presents 3,000 years of world history in the form of timelines showing key events in every year. The aim is to eliminate the need to memorize historical dates, by giving users a visual feel for the low of time. History is no longer learned, but is viewed. The website seeks to show the overlapping of world civilizations. Thus the Dark Ages in Europe can be seen to a period of flowering in China, India, and the Arabic world. 

Separate timelines deal with: People, History, and Events. The People timelines are subdivided into: Science, Culture, Religion, and Politics. Users can click on any person in a timeline to get a short illustrated biography of the person, with relevant external links. There is also a section of maps covering: Early Civilizations, Greek Colonization, Rome & Han China, Barbarian Invasions, Expansion of Islam, Mongol Empries, and AD 1500-1800.

Click here for the Hyper History Online website: http://www.hyperhistory.com/online_n2/History_n2/a.html