We have selected Trumpet Think as the world's very best website on the Trumpet.

The Trumpet Think website is produced by Rune Aleksandersen, a trumpet player who lives in Oslo, Norway, with his wife Rannveig, and his children Eirik, Sindre and Gaute. He plays lead trumpet for the Borderline Big Band, Oslo.

The Trumpet Think website is organized into the following main sections: Introduction, Video & Audio, Warming Up, Air, Trumpet Setup, Pitch Control, Lips, Corners, Trumpet Embouchure, Resistance, Trumpet Tuning, Strength, Endurance, Pedal Tones, Trumpet Tonguing, Fingers, Trumpet Reference, and Trumpet Links. 

The Video & Audio section contains 22 video clips demonstrating aspects of trumpet playing technique. These are grouped into the following categories: Trumpet Warm Up, Minimum Pressure, Efficiency, Control, Strength, Pedal Notes, Close Lips Principle, and Trumpet Pitch Control. Titles of the video clips include: Fluttering & Buzzing Lips, False Buzz, Finding the Optimum Horn Angle, and Octave Glizzandi.

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