We have selected Planet Typography as the world's very best website on Typography.

The Planet Typography website is produced in Toulouse, France, by typography enthusiast Jean-Christophe Loubet del Bayle. His interested in typography was first sparked in 1994 when he discovered a book on the typographic design of Stanley Morison in a small bookshop in Damascus, Syria. 

The Planet Typography website is organized into the following main sections: Magazine, Manual, Directory, Books, and Download. Other sections include: Typographic Times, Manuale Typograph, Orange Pages, Books/Typo, and Fontcenter. 

There is a link to the associated website: abc typography. This contains illustrated articles on more than 20 type faces. There is also a link to a second associated website: The Typographic Archives. This extracts information from the Internet Archive Project to preserve and promote defunct websites on typography and on the history of printing and writing.

Click here for the Planet Typography website: http://www.planet-typography.com