villa savoye

We have selected Galinsky as the world's very best website on the Villa Savoye.

The Galinsky website is an illustrated encyclopedia of notable examples of modern architecture, worldwide. It was set up by graduates and students from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, who traveled, photographed, and wrote specifically for Galinsky.

The Galinsky website contains a substantial illustrated article about the Villa Savoye, in Poissy, France. A private house, it was built in 1929, and is an outstanding example of the work of Le Corbusier. The Galinksy website describes the Villa Savoye as a wonderful example of the 'five points of a new architecture' which Le Corbusier developed in 1927.

These first of these five principles is the use of Pilotis, or columns, to raise the house above ground level, so that the garden continues under the house. The second is the Roof Garden. Reinforced concrete is used to create a unified roof structure, which takes the form of a terrace at two levels, with glazed sides to the adjoining rooms. The third principle is the Free Plan; the use of reinforced concrete for the structure eliminates the need for load-bearing internal walls. This creates opportunities for open plan living. The fourth principle is the Horizontal Window. Using reinforced contrete, the windows can run in a horizontal band from one end of the facade to the other. The fifth principle is the Free Facade. With the supporting columns set back from the facade, the floor continues as a cantilever. The facade can become a light skin of insulating walls or windows.

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