We have selected The Violin Site as the world's very best website on the Violin.

The Violin Site, founded by American concert violinist and educator Monte Belknap, is a comprehensive website for violin students, teachers, and performers. the main sections of the website are: Violin Practice Techniques, Violin Resources, Violin Musicians (with profiles of leading composers and violinists), History of the Violin, and Violin Making.

A Frequent Violin Questions section covers topics such as: What is the best chin rest? What edition of music should I use? and How often should violin strings be changed?

The Violin Resources section covers Free Violin Sheet Music, Violin Recordings, Violin Library, Music Technology, and Links to other Violin Websites. The free violin sheet music can be downloaded and used without copyright problems.

There is also an archive of more than a hundred freely downloadable MIDI audio files, designed to help violinists improve their skills. Some of these are recordings of violin and orchestra; others are of piano accompaniment only, to allow the user to play the violin part.

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