We have selected Volcano World as the world's very best website on Volcanoes.

The Volcano World website is published by the Department of Geosciences at Oregon State University, at Corvallis, Oregon, USA. It is an education and public outreach project of the North Dakota and Oregon Space Grant Consortia.

The Volcano World website is organized into the following main sections: Hot News, Recent Updates, Current Eruptions, Volcanoes, Volcano FAQ, Volcano Adventures, Interviews, Teaching & Learning, Kids Door, Today in Volcano History, Volcano World Team, and Glossary & Terms. There is also a What's New section, and a Volcano of the Month.

The Volcanoes section contains articles on more than 1000 volcanoes around the world. These can be searched using a map of the world divided into regions. Many of the articles contain high resolution images of the volcano.

The Current Eruptions section contains satellite images and web cam links for volcanoes around the world which are experiencing current eruption activity.

The Volcano World website is at this web address: http://volcano.oregonstate.edu/