walt whitman

We have selected Whitman Archive as the world's very best website on Walt Whitman.

The Whitman Archive website is edited by Ed Folsom and Kenneth M Price, and is published by the University of Nebraska Foundation, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. Ed Folsom is the Carver Professor of English at the University of Iowa. Kenneth M Price is University Professor and Hillegass Chair of American Literature at the University of Nebraska, Lincloln, Nebraska.

The Whitman Archive website, which contains more than 3,000 pages, is organized into the following main sections: Introduction, Whitman's Manuscripts, Whitman's Published Works, Walt Whitman Biography, Criticism, Images of Whitman, Audio Recording, Whitman's Disciples, Teaching Materials, Bibliography, Support, and Staff.   

The Walt Whitman Biography section contains a detailed biographical article by Ed Folsom and Kenneth M Price. There is also a Chronology of Walt Whitman#s life, from his birth in New York in 1819 to his death in 1892. The Images section contains a searchable gallery of all the hundred known photographs of Walt Whitman. The Audio Recording section contains a downloadable 36-second wax cylinder recording of what is thought to be Whitman's voice reading four lines from the poem 'America'.

Click here for the Whitman Archive website: http://www.whitmanarchive.org