We have selected International Weightlifting Federations as the world's very best website on Weightlifting.

The International Weightlifting Federation, (IWF) based in Budapest, Hungary, was founded in 1905 and is the international governing body for the sport of weightlifting. The main sections of the IWF website are: Sport & Organization, Events, News & Media, World Weightlifting, Fan Zone, Sponsors, and Shop.

The Sport & Organization section covers the history and rules of weightlifting, and weightlifting equipment. There is also an explanation of the Sinclair Coefficient. This gives the formula for answering the question: 'What would be the total of an athlete weighing x kg if he/she were an athlete in the heaviest class of the same level of ability'. The Sinclair coefficients are calculated in the Spring of each Olympic year. They are derived from statistics for the world record totals in the various classes of bodyweight.

The IWF online shop supplies publications including World Weightlifting, which is the official quarterly magazine of the IWF, and IWF Handbook, and the Weightlifting Encyclopaedia - a guide to world class performance.

Click here for the International Weightlifting Federation website: http://www.iwf.net