We have selected Whale Net as the world's very best website on Whales.

The Whale Net website is published by Wheelock College, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. It is organized into the following main sections: Satellite Tracking Program, Right Whale Program, Ask a Scientist, Adopting Program, Search Whale Net, Whale Net Tour, and Whale Net Index.

The Whale Net Index contains several hundred articles and news items about whales, which can be searched by word and phrase. 

The Satellite Tracking Program actively tracks whales, turtles, and seals. These have been tagged, and are then tracked by satellite. The website shows up to date maps for each tracked animal.

The Right Whale section has data on sightings and movements of Right Wales around the coast of the USA.

Click here for the Whale Net website: http://whale.wheelock.edu/Welcome.html