We have selected Wine Lovers Page as the world's very best website on Wine.

The Wine Lovers Page website is a website all about wine, written in clear and simple language. The main sections of the website are: Learn About Wine, Wine Notes, Forums, 30 Second Wine Advisor, and Wine Videos. Other sections include Wine Lexicon, Wine Questionary, Food-Wine Matching, Wine Quotes, Vintage Charts, and Vineyard Weather. 

The Learn About Wine section covers: How to Taste Wine, Wine Tasting Toolbox, Wine Tasting 101, Wine Videos, and Ask Wine Question. The Wine Videos section has links to interesting wine video clips including one in which time lapse photography portrays a vine's life in less than two minutes, and a video in which Christina LaCascio, resident artist at Artiste Winery in California, shows how she paints with wine to produce the winery's labels.
The Wine Notes section contains wine reviews for more than 80,000 wines, organized by country, from Argentina, Asia, and Australia to Switzerland, USA, and Uruguay.

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