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We have selected Tasting Wine as the world's very best website on Wine Tasting.

The Tasting Wine website is based in Carlsbad, California, USA. It is organized in the following main sections: Serving Wine, Tasting Wine, Wine Terms, Wine Tasting Etiquette, Wine Tasting Venues, Wine Tasting Parties, Wine Etiquette, Types of Wine, and Wine Regions. 

The Tasting Wine section covers: Smell & Taste, and Wine Tasting Techniques. Subjects covered include: Look, Rim Color, Swirling, Smell, Initial Taste, Taste, and After Taste.

The Wine Definitions section describes wine tasting terms, including: Acidity, Aroma, Body, Bouquet, Finish, Legs, Length, Mouthfeel, Nose, Palate, and Quaffer. It also describes terms used to define the character of a wine, including: Acrid, Assertive, Attractive, Balanced, Big, Crisp, Cutting Edge, Closed, Complete, Complex, Delicate, Dense, and Depth.

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