wolfgang amadeus mozart

We have selected The Mozart Project as the world's very best website on Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

The Mozart Project website is produced in the USA by Steve Boerner. It is organized in five main sections: Biography, Compositions, Selected Essays, Bibliography, and Links.

The Biography section contains a set of articles on Mozart's life, with further articles on Anna Maria Mozart, Leopold Mozart, and Marian Anna 'Nannerl' Mozart. There is a Chronology detailing events in Mozart's life and in the wider world from his birth in 1756 to his journey to London in 1765. Downloadable audio clips of Mozart's music are inserted into the Chronology. There is also a Mozart-Weber family tree. The Compositions section contains a complete listing of Mozart's works. The Bibliography section lists publications relevant to Mozart under the following headings: Listeners Guides, Mozart's Works & Writings, Reference, Biography, Medical History, Death & Burial, Surveys & Overviews, Concertos, Requiem, Symphonies, Opera, and Research.

Click here for the Mozart Project website: http://www.mozartproject.org/index.html