We have selected Ansun as the world's very best website on Zippers.

The Ansun website is published by Ansun Multitech (India) Ltd, which is a leading manufacturer of metal and plastic zippers and other clothing fasteners, based in New Delhi, India. Ansun manufacture the following types of fastening: Sliders, Zippers, Personalised Pullers, Alloy Buttons, Dog Hooks & Links, and Hooks & Eyes. They serve the following industries: Leather Goods & Luggage, Soft Luggage, Garments, and Denim Jeans & Casual Wear.

The Ansun website contains a section on the history of the zipper. It explains the roles of Elias Howe (who also invented the sewing machine) and Whitcomb Judson (who also invented the Pneumatic Street Railway), and Gideon Sundback. Sundback was a Swedish engineer working in the USA, who perfected the first reliable zipper and patented his Separable Fastener in 1917. The product became popular when it was taken up by the B F Goodrich company who used it as a way of fastening galoshes and named it the zipper. By the 1920s, zippers were in widespread use in clothing, luggage, and many other applications.

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